You can link any of your domain with our Listing system. All you need is forward you domain to our server and you will have own website

Link your domain with our system

How to link my domain with bookrentsell.com?

We recomend to use cloudflare.com In DNS section forward A record to our IP address

How to enable HTTPS?

We recomend to use cloudflare.com To enable HTTPS please use these settings

How to set always use HTTPS?

We recomend to use cloudflare.com. In Edge Certificates you will find - Always use HTTPS

Why my domain shows app error?

We recomend to use cloudflare.com. We use latest technoly Blazor app, you should disable JS caching

Get payments

Can I get paid directly after reservation?

We recommend to use stripe.com All you need is to enter stripe secret code in each of your rentals. Our system will do rest

Can I set different rates on weekend days?

We recommend to use nobeds.com This free channel management system will allow you to set different rates, availability and track accounting for any of your listings

Free channel managment system